Entertaining Infants

Entertaining Infants

Once your baby reaches four months they need more attention and entertainment. Babies like to interact with you and anyone around them. As they become more active, it is more challenging to manage the demands for attention.

You need ways to keep your baby entertained. Keeping them active helps them grow better and healthier. It will also help them sleep well.

Below are described common ways to keep your little one entertained:

Family Meal Time

Feed your baby at family meal times. It helps teach baby about food and eating. It also helps baby learn about their family and develop stronger bonds.

Walking and Talking Time

Go for a walk. Babies enjoy exploring new things; your surroundings will keep your baby amazed and entertained. Talking to your baby about the things they are looking at.

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Book Reading Time

Read books to your baby. Your little one enjoys stories you read to them. They learn words, names, and language skills as they listen.

Tummy Time

Give your baby tummy time. It helps strengthen their head, neck and back muscles. Make sure to arrange age appropriate toys within their reach. During tummy time your baby learns to hold their neck high.

Sitting Time

At around six months of age your baby may be able to sit up with or without the support of the pillows. Keep age appropriate toys around the baby so that they can play with them.

Swing Time

Little ones enjoy sitting on swings and bouncing chairs. It makes them giggle and puts a smile on their faces.

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Music and Rhymes Time

Babies enjoy listening to music, but it should be very soft music and of short duration. It is very good way to interact with your baby, is to sing rhymes to them. Your baby will enjoy it and respond by smiling.

Reflection Time

It’s really enjoyable to see your baby smiling at themselves in the mirror. They do not realize that it’s their own reflection.

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Splash Time

Babies enjoy playing in the water. Try putting your baby in a tub of lukewarm water on a hot summer days. The tub should not be fully filled. Be careful about the water temperature. Your baby will start interacting with the water, hopefully while smiling.

Helpful Tip(s)

It is always good to consult your baby’s doctor before trying any new activity with your small and young baby.