Child Car Seat Laws in Australia

Child Car Seat Laws in Australia

When your gorgeous newborn is ready to go home, from the hospital, for the very first time, it is a very emotional time for the new parents. However, similar to any other developed country, a baby car seat is essential to drive your newborn home.

Below are a few general questions and their answers regarding baby car seats and the laws related to them in Australia:

Do I need to buy a baby car seat?

In Australia it is a legal requirement to carry your children up to the age of 8 years in a car seat. It is for your child’s own safety to protect them from serious injuries on roads.

How to choose a car seat?

The type of restraint to be used depends on the person’s age and size:

Age Group Type of Car Seat
From newborn up to 6 months old Rear- facing baby car seat


From 6 months up to 4 years old Either a rear facing or forward facing child car seat


From 4 years upto7 years Either a forward facing child car seat with a built-in harness or a booster seat


from 7 years to less than 16 years Either a booster seat or have the choice to use seatbelt of adult car seat


16 years and above adult seat belt

Do we need a car seat while travelling in a taxi?

No. Your child can sit on your lap; Hold him/her tightly if the taxi does not have a suitable car seat for your child, as they are exempt from providing one, by law. Therefore, it is better if you bring your own baby car seat with you, if possible, in order to protect your child from injury.

How to choose a car seat?

You must choose a child car seat depending upon your child’s age and weight. However what brand to choose from is completely up to you, as long as they are labelled with an Australian Standards sticker for the standard AS/NZS 1754.

What is an ISOFIX compatible child car seat?

An ISOFIX compatible child car seat is quick and easy to fix in the car as they can be directly connected to or attached to specific points of the car.

Earlier they were used in USA and Europe only but now they are available in Australia as well. These ISOFIX compatible car seats must meet Australian standards otherwise it is illegal to use in Australia.

Note: Please note that rules and regulations about children and car seats in Australia are subject to change without notice by the law making and law enforcement agencies of Australia without being updated on this website. Always best to regularly update yourself with new laws and regulations.