Body Love: 8 Positive Changes of Pregnancy

Body Love: 8 Positive Changes of Pregnancy

We’ve heard it all: every mother says that your body changes completely through pregnancy, and so many say it’s for the worst. But it’s actually not all bad – there’s actually quite a few positives amongst them, too. Sure, pregnancy hormones don’t affect everyone the same way, but pretty much every pregnant woman goes through the same general experience.

Embrace it.

So, just what are these hidden positives that hardly anyone ever talks about?

Enhanced endurance power

Many women truly start loving their body after their first baby, as they finally get to know their power. A pregnant woman finally understands the real strength of her body as she nurtures a life within herself for around nine months. The health issues and mental challenges they face during this period give them boundless courage and confidence. And above all, the intense amount of pain they bear during labour to bring a baby into this world gives them increased endurance, able to withstand pretty much any pain in this world.


Enhanced mental strength

Pregnancy doesn’t only enhance your physical power, it also helps you become mentally strong. Every woman goes through a lot of stress and tension during her pregnancy period. They need to be very careful about their health and body.

A lot of medications aren’t allowed, as they can be harmful for the baby’s growth. This often leaves them with no option other than bearing the pain of headaches, colds and flus and other ailments throughout this time.

During this period, they learn to divert their mind away from pain. The same situation occurs during labour. Tolerating constant labour contractions is not possible without using the strength of your brain power. The good news is you need to keep yourself motivated; this won’t take forever, and soon your baby will be in your arms.


Weight loss

A mother starts getting milk in her breast after bub is born, allowing her the opportunity to breastfeed for at least six months. This helps boost her child’s immunity system, as well as gain essential nutrients. Your baby gets the energy to fight off countless allergies and infections at this early stage of their life.

An added bonus of breastfeeding? It helps you lose your extra pregnancy weight – and fast! Your body burns extra calories to make breastmilk every time you feed your baby. It’s a safe and fast way get back into shape after your child’s birth, especially if you’ve had a caesarean and aren’t able to exercise for a while.

Increased breast size

Those same hormones produced during pregnancy also change your breast structure and size, making them ready to generate milk for the baby. Some women who have smaller breasts find them growing reasonably larger after pregnancy – and even larger-breasted women can find themselves growing a cup size or two.

Regulated menstrual cycle

Many women find their period cycle becomes regulated after their baby’s birth. After childbirth, you tend to not get your periods for at least upto three months due to pregnancy hormones, though for some women, it can be even longer than that. This is usually because hormones re-balance themselves, after the drastic hormonal changes in your body after bub’s birth. Another reason could possibly be changes to your lifestyle, such as less stress now that your pregnancy is over.

Reduced risk of cancer

Turns out, pregnancy can be healthy.

According to a number of scientific studies, the hormones produced during pregnancy can actually help reduce the risk of getting ovarian cancer in women by 20% every time she gives birth. Ovulation raises the risk every time an egg is pass, but a fertilized egg can reduce this risk. Moreover, breastfeeding can help reduce the risk of both breast cancer and ovarian cancers.


Clear skin

It’s also been observed that the rush of hormones also brings changes in the skin for many women. Those who have acne issues, due to irregular hormones, can find them resolved during pregnancy. You’ll find your skin suddenly smoother, softer and acne-free. This could also be due to pregnant women taking the time to relax and take care of themselves – and their skin – during and after pregnancy.


Being fit and active

You now have a baby, which means you have a full-time responsibility to take care of bub. This means running around constantly with errands, doctors, shopping, cleaning – the list can be endless. Many mums find themselves more physically active after their child’s birth, as they’re always on the go.

Having a baby also acts as a wake-up call, making many mums realise that they need to be more fit and active to keep up with their growing child; so, it’s the perfect time to take up a new fitness hobby, whether it’s as simple as walking, a new sport, or working out at the gym.

Being active also means you can reduce the risk of developing diseases due to a sedentary lifestyle, which you may have enjoyed before – or even during – pregnancy. Learn more about best exercises during pregnancy here.


Helpful Tips(s)

Despite the old wives’ tales, being pregnant doesn’t mean you eat for two. Keeping to a healthy diet during pregnancy can help you stay fit and healthy, and ensures you provide your growing bub with the best nutrients while they’re in the womb. Once born, it will also help to instil good eating habits into your child in the long-term.

Taking diligent care of your body and health during pregnancy is very important for better long term health benefits.