Negative Effects of Technology on Babies

Negative Effects of Technology on Babies

Parents need to pay a lot of attention to children under the age of two years, since this period is the developing age for babies and is arguably the best time for them to learn and show their reactions about what they like/dislike and helps mould their personality in the long term.

Health specialists in most of the developed countries consider screens (cell phones, tablets, laptops etc.) to have a negative influence on children especially at this age. They suggest that parents should avoid screens for their children at least till the minimum age of two years.

It is generally considered screens which might be in the form of cell phones, tablets, laptops or television can damage your child’s health mentally as well as physically. Parents need to remain very careful and vigilant to save their children from such great harm, by precaution and spending a quality time with their children. Here are some common problems that children get affected from excessive exposure to technology at an early stage of life.

Screen Addiction

Nowadays it is quite common for parents to be very busy to make ends meet and for the sake of a good future for their children. Most of them are unable to give sufficient time to their children and in order to keep their kids busy and entertained they leave them in front of screens. Which makes kids addicted to them and therefore the child is unable to do anything without watching something on screen whether it’s having food or going to bed. When the screen is taken away from them they partake in behaviours such as screaming, yelling or aggression.

Reduced appetite

It is generally seen that such children do not develop any interest towards having food. Most of them lose a lot of weight and become very weak. It also impacts their immunity system. Such children are prone to a large number of diseases.

Negative effects of tablets and cell phones on babies

Reduced rest time

It is generally seen that watching tv or any screen for too long creates sleep deprivation problems in a person of any age including children. Around 10-12 hours of sleep a day is necessary for the proper growth and development of children.

Due to excessive usage of screens children are generally deprived of proper sleep which makes them stay up for longer hours. Due to less hours of rest, such children feel very tired, exhausted, cranky and crying. Moreover they are unable to remain active during the day or perform well at school. They cannot concentrate or pay attention when needed and chances are they put on unnecessary weight and feel lazy all the time due to spending too much time in front of the screen.

It is therefore advised not to use or keep the electronic devices in your room specially when its bedtime. The sound or light produced by such devices can disturb your child’s sleep. As soon as your child sees that light or hears that sound, his mind becomes alert again and he or she loses interest in sleeping.

Negative effects of tablets and cell phones on babies BabyInfo


Spending too much time in front of screens creates disinterest towards socializing with other kids. Their anti-social behaviour deprives them from growing as normal children. Such children find it difficult to face strangers and talking to others. This can affect them as a child and lead to difficulties as a adult.


Sometimes screens also create aggression in children, as nowadays games that children play or cartoons which they watch on screen usually involve aggression and violence. Such programs teach children how to fight and hurt others.

Children start taking everything they see on screen and apply it to the real world. Such children like to show their anger by yelling, screaming and in extreme cases violence.