10 Best Fertility Naturopaths in Canberra

10 Best Fertility Naturopaths in Canberra

Are you on a journey to enhance your fertility naturally? Welcome to Canberra, where the nurturing hands of top fertility naturopaths await you. In a world filled with options, navigating your fertility path can be overwhelming. But fear not, as we guide you through Canberra’s finest practitioners dedicated to supporting your fertility journey.

Picture this: a serene environment, a compassionate practitioner, and a holistic approach tailored just for you. It’s not just about conceiving; it’s about fostering a sense of well-being throughout your entire fertility journey. Whether you’re seeking preconception care, struggling with infertility, or simply aiming for optimal reproductive health, Canberra’s naturopaths are here to empower you every step of the way.

Michelle McGilvray Naturopath

Specialising in menstrual health, fertility, gut health, and more, Michelle McGilvray Naturopath in Canberra is dedicated to enhancing your well-being. Michelle’s passion for natural medicine stems from a desire to make a genuine impact on people’s lives. Through personalised advice on diet, lifestyle, and herbal remedies, she empowers her clients to achieve optimal health and longevity. With a focus on education and holistic care, Michelle strives to equip individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate their health journey confidently. Experience the difference of Michelle’s expertise and commitment to your wellness goals.

Address: Macquarie, Canberra, ACT

Phone: 02 6251 2670

Facebook: Michelle McGilvray Naturopath

Instagram: Michelle McGilvray Naturopath

Nourish and Breathe

At Nourish & Breathe in Canberra, Renae Scott, a qualified naturopath, is dedicated to supporting women’s health and fertility journeys. Renae combines traditional natural medicines with modern clinical evidence to guide women towards vibrant well-being. With a focus on individual stories and personalised support, Nourish & Breathe aims to nurture your fertility journey with care and compassion. Whether you’re embarking on preconception care or seeking fertility support, Renae is committed to understanding your unique needs and empowering you every step of the way. Experience the warmth and expertise of Nourish & Breathe as you embark on your path to holistic wellness.

Address: Studio 7, Building 3.3/1 Dairy Rd, Fyshwick ACT 2609

Phone: 0435 049 023

Facebook: Nourish and Breathe

Instagram: Nourish and Breathe

Emily May Naturopath

Emily May Naturopath in Canberra adopts a holistic approach to wellness, addressing the root cause of health issues rather than just managing symptoms. With a focus on using nature’s healing energy, Emily believes in empowering the body to recover and repair through naturopathic principles. By enhancing the body’s innate capacity to heal, Emily supports individuals on their fertility journey with personalised care and attention. With Emily May Naturopath, clients can expect a nurturing environment where their health and well-being are prioritised, guiding them towards a path of holistic wellness and fertility support.

Address: Canberra, ACT

Phone: 02 6242 9192

Facebook: Emily May Naturopath

Instagram: Emily May Naturopath

Anna Comerford Naturopath + Healer

Passionate about holistic healing, Anna Comerford, a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, and Herbalist in Canberra, brings over 35 years of experience to her practice. Anna’s approach centres on empowering individuals to tap into their body’s innate healing abilities, fostering vitality and well-being. Believing in the transformative potential of food and holistic therapies, Anna delivers personalised care tailored to each client’s unique needs. Drawing from her own journey of healing and transformation, Anna guides clients towards optimal health and supports them on their fertility naturopath journey. Through her commitment to knowledge-sharing and nurturing growth, Anna provides a supportive environment for clients to embark on their wellness journey with confidence.

Address: Monash, Canberra, ACT 2904

Phone: 0401 074 701

Facebook: Anna Comerford Naturopath + Healer

Instagram: Anna Comerford Naturopath + Healer

Artemisia Natural Health Centre

With 22 years of experience, Lesa Rusher leads Artemisia Natural Health Centre in Canberra, offering empowerment and education for holistic wellness. Trained in classical naturopathy and various therapies, Lesa provides comprehensive support for the body, mind, and spirit. Specializing in herbal medicine, nutrition, and BodyTalk System, she tailors treatments to individual needs. Lesa’s expertise extends to addressing fertility concerns through natural approaches, including reflexology and weight management. With a Bachelor of Health Science, Lesa empowers clients to take charge of their health journey. At Artemisia Natural Health Centre, clients find a nurturing environment where they receive the tools and guidance necessary for optimal well-being.

Address: 14 Barker St, Griffith, ACT 2603

Phone: 0400 404 402

Facebook: Artemisia Natural Health Centre

Instagram: Artemisia Natural Health Centre

Live Well Holistic Wellness Centre

In Canberra, Live Well Holistic Wellness Centre offers comprehensive naturopathic care, focusing on restoring balance and vitality. Practitioners create tailored treatment plans using natural remedies and lifestyle adjustments to address underlying health issues. Emphasizing holistic healing, they work with clients to uncover the root causes of symptoms and support the body’s innate ability to heal. With a diverse range of wellness modalities available, including acupuncture and counselling, Live Well Holistic Wellness Centre provides a nurturing environment for individuals seeking fertility support. Their commitment to professionalism and expertise ensures clients receive effective and compassionate care on their journey to wellness.

Address: 35 Murray Cres, Griffith, ACT 2603

Phone: 02 6295 0400

Facebook: Live Well Holistic Wellness Centre

Instagram: Live Well Holistic Wellness Centre

The Holistic Naturopath

Practitioners at The Holistic Naturopath in Canberra, Michelle and Rosie, adopt a comprehensive approach to healing. They prioritize identifying root causes over symptom management, integrating naturopathy, aromatherapy, and Eastern healing systems for deeper insight. Rosie complements this with herbal and nutritional therapies, empowering clients through education and lifestyle changes. Both practitioners are dedicated to inclusive healthcare, welcoming clients from diverse backgrounds. By fostering understanding and vitality, they provide compassionate support for individuals seeking fertility solutions.

Address: 3/21 Benjamin Way, Belconnen, ACT 2617

Phone: 0497 606 635

Facebook: The Holistic Naturopath

Instagram: The Holistic Naturopath


Nestled in Canberra, iNaturally stands out as a sanctuary for those seeking the expertise of fertility naturopaths and battling fatigue. Founded by Catherine, an Integrative Naturopath and Health Coach, iNaturally blends nature and science to rejuvenate vitality. With a focus on women’s health and fertility, Catherine empowers clients to overcome fatigue, anxiety, and stress through tailored support and education. Drawing from her personal journey and professional expertise, Catherine champions a holistic approach to wellness, guiding individuals toward optimal health and vitality. At iNaturally, discover a path to renewed energy and wellbeing, where nature’s wisdom meets modern science for transformative healing.

Address: Canberra, ACT

Phone: 0404 079 673

Facebook: iNaturally

Instagram: iNaturally

Kingston Natural Therapies Centre

Located in Canberra, Kingston Natural Therapies Centre offers holistic healing services, including specialized care from fertility naturopaths. Committed to treating the root causes of illness, they prioritize restoring balance and vitality. Since 1984, their safe and effective treatments have addressed a range of health concerns, from immunity to anxiety and digestive health. Taking a holistic approach, they empower clients to take control of their health journey by considering all aspects of wellbeing. Through detailed consultations and natural therapies like herbal medicine and nutrition, they aim to achieve optimum health and wellbeing, catering to those seeking fertility support. Explore comprehensive, natural healing at Kingston Natural Therapies Centre.

Address: 49 Jardine St, Kingston, ACT 2604

Phone: 02 6295 6660

Facebook: Kingston Natural Therapies Centre

Brindabella Natural Health Centre

Discover Canberra’s premier destination for holistic health care at Brindabella Natural Health Centre. With a commitment to comprehensive well-being, our team of dedicated practitioners, including experienced fertility naturopaths, offers a diverse range of therapies, workshops, and products tailored to your individual health needs. Emphasizing a holistic approach, our professionally qualified practitioners focus on addressing the root causes of health issues. Whether you’re seeking support for fertility or overall wellness, we’re here to guide you on your journey to optimal health. Experience the difference at Brindabella Natural Health Centre, where your wellness is our priority.

Address: Dickson Chambers, Canberra, ACT 2602

Phone: 02 6262 6464

Facebook: Brindabella Natural Health Centre

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As you conclude your search for the best fertility naturopaths in Canberra, remember that your journey is as unique as you are. Embrace the support and guidance offered by these dedicated professionals, who are committed to helping you achieve your fertility goals naturally. Whether you’re embarking on conception, overcoming challenges, or seeking to enhance your reproductive health, Canberra’s top naturopaths are here to walk alongside you, empowering you to thrive on your fertility journey. With their expertise and your determination, the path to parenthood becomes a journey of hope, resilience, and ultimately, joy.

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