Best Fertility Doctors in Victoria

Find the best fertility doctors in Victoria. We have researched and listed the best fertility doctors in Australia to help our reader in their search.
Ballarat, VIC
Dr Patrick Moloney

Address: 505 Mair Street Ballarat, VIC 3350

Phone: 03 5332 9940

Facebook: Dr Patrick Moloney

Instagram: Dr Patrick Moloney

Dr Katrina Guerin

Address: 1105 Howitt Street Ballarat, VIC 3355

Phone: 03 5339 8200

Facebook: Dr Katrina Guerin

Instagram: Dr Katrina Guerin

Dr Annie Tan

Address: 1105 Howitt Street, Wendouree VIC 3355

Phone: 03 5339 8100

Facebook: Dr Annie Tan

Instagram: Dr Annie Tan

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Geelong, VIC
Dr Sam Sabary

Address: Suite 2, Level 1, 83 Myers St Geelong, VIC 3220

Phone: 03 5223 1849

Facebook: Dr Sam Sabary

Instagram: Dr Sam Sabary

Dr Moses Abe

Address: 18 Little Myers Street Geelong VIC 3200

Phone: 1300916756

Facebook: Dr Moses Abe

Dr Prue Johnstone

Address: Suite 1, Level 2, 73-77 Little Ryrie Street, Geelong VIC 3220

Phone: 1800628533

Facebook: Dr Prue Johnstone

Instagram: Dr Prue Johnstone

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Melbourne, VIC
Dr Fleur Cattrall

Dr. Fleur Cattrall, a leading fertility specialist at Melbourne IVF, brings over two decades of expertise to her practice. With a focus on individualised care, Dr. Cattrall is committed to supporting her patients on their unique fertility journeys. As the Medical Director of Melbourne IVF, she ensures access to cutting-edge reproductive techniques. Dr. Cattrall’s holistic approach integrates personalised treatments, including naturopathy and acupuncture, to optimise success. With a warm and supportive team, she stands as a beacon of encouragement throughout the emotional ups and downs of fertility treatment. Dr. Cattrall’s dedication to advancing the field is reflected in her mentorship, publications, and international conference presentations. Trust in Dr. Cattrall to guide you towards fulfilling your dream of parenthood.

Address: 3/320 Victoria Parade East Melbourne, VIC 3002

Phone: 03 8415 0800

Facebook: Dr Fleur Cattrall

Instagram: Dr Fleur Cattrall

Dr Genia Rozen

Dedicated to guiding couples through their fertility journey, this Melbourne-based specialist clinic offers compassionate care and cutting-edge treatments. With expertise in diagnosing infertility causes in both women and men, they provide tailored solutions including IVF, IUI, and minimally invasive surgery. Led by Dr. Genia Rozen, a respected gynaecologist and fertility specialist, the clinic prioritises patient support and access to advanced reproductive technologies. Dr. Rozen’s commitment to research and teaching ensures patients receive the highest standard of care. Whether facing infertility challenges alone, as a couple, or within same-sex partnerships, this clinic offers hope and expert guidance to all seeking to start or expand their family.

Address: 4/320 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002

Phone: 03 8376 6230

Facebook: Dr Genia Rozen

Instagram: Dr Genia Rozen

Dr Kokum Jayasinghe

With a heartfelt approach to fertility and gynaecological care, this Melbourne-based specialist offers tailored treatments for individuals and families on their pregnancy journey. Dr. Kokum Jayasinghe’s emphasis on natural methods fosters improved reproductive health, providing personalised solutions aligned with patients’ comfort and future goals. Drawing from personal fertility challenges, Dr. Jayasinghe extends empathetic support alongside medical expertise. With accolades and extensive training, including at the Royal Women’s Hospital and Melbourne IVF, Dr. Jayasinghe prioritises listening to patients’ unique needs, guiding them with compassion through their fertility journey. Operating at various esteemed medical institutions, she’s committed to empowering patients with the best care and emotional support, ensuring a trusted partner throughout their fertility experience.

Address: Suite 4/320 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002

Phone: 03 9417 3755

Facebook: Dr Kokum Jayasinghe

Instagram: Dr Kokum Jayasinghe

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