Editorial Check: How we list photographers in our articles

At BabyInfo, our commitment to providing expecting and new mothers with reliable guidance extends to curating a list of top-tier photographers specializing in maternity, newborn, and baby photography. Our selection process involves a thorough quality screening called the ‘Editorial Check,’ ensuring that featured photographers meet our stringent standards.

Quality Screening Criteria

Our editorial team meticulously evaluates photographers based on several key criteria:

  1. Experience: We assess the photographer’s years of expertise in the field, acknowledging the valuable insights gained through time and practice.
  2. Session History: The number of past photography sessions conducted serves as a testament to the photographer’s proficiency and dedication to their craft.
  3. Certifications: We recognize and value relevant certifications obtained by photographers, enhancing their credibility and expertise in specialized areas of photography.


Emphasis on Safety

Given the delicate nature of capturing moments involving pregnant mothers, newborns, and babies, safety is our paramount concern. Photographers listed in our articles must demonstrate a commitment to adhering to strict safety measures. We prioritize those who ensure a secure environment for the mother, baby, and clients in all photography sessions.


Inclusivity and Recognition of New Talent

While we prioritize experienced professionals, we also acknowledge the potential of newer photographers displaying exceptional talent and commitment to quality. In such cases, inclusion in our listings becomes a possibility, as we celebrate and promote rising talents in the photography landscape.


Editorial Selection Process

The process of screening, shortlisting, and featuring top photographers in our articles demands considerable dedication and resources from our editorial team. Weeks of meticulous assessment and thoughtful consideration are invested to ensure that only the most exceptional photographers are showcased.


Registration Fee and Editorial Selection

We do charge a nominal yearly photographer registration fee, which contributes to the costs incurred during the rigorous selection and feature process. However, it’s important to note that payment doesn’t guarantee inclusion in our articles. Our editorial selection is entirely independent and based solely on merit, not on financial contributions.


Invitation-Based Selection

Getting featured in our articles is exclusively invitation-based and driven by our editorial team’s discretion. Interested photographers are welcome to submit their business for consideration. However, final selection rests solely with our editorial board, ensuring integrity and authenticity in our yearly top photographer articles.

At BabyInfo, our dedication to assisting expecting and new mothers in making informed decisions extends to ensuring that only the most reputable and skilled photographers are featured in our articles. Our commitment to excellence guides every step of our selection process, ensuring a trusted resource for families seeking exceptional photography services.