Best Baby Birthday Dessert Suppliers in Western Australia

Here is our list of the best baby birthday dessert suppliers in Western Australia. These suppliers come highly recommended with years of baby birthday experience.
Perth, WA
Kumo Desserts

Discover the cloud-like bliss of Kumo Desserts, Perth’s go-to for heavenly baby birthday desserts. “Kumo,” meaning cloud in Japanese, perfectly captures the experience of their fluffy soufflé pancakes. These aren’t just any pancakes – they’re soufflé pancakes redefined. Kumo Desserts takes pride in innovation, infusing cultured whey butter for a richer taste and using a special cooking method for that signature lightness. But it’s not just about pancakes; their Tiramisu, crafted with Italian-imported savoiardi biscuits and award-winning mascarpone cheese, offers five distinct flavors. Elevate your baby’s birthday celebration with Kumo Desserts’ creations – a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Address: 39 Washing Ln, Perth, WA 6000

Phone: 0484 117 383

Facebook: Kumo Desserts

Instagram: Kumo Desserts

Sweet On Cupcakes

Sweet On Cupcakes is Perth’s haven for delicious and allergy-friendly baby birthday desserts. Their cupcakes are baked fresh daily, ensuring the highest quality for your little one’s special day. What sets Sweet On Cupcakes apart is their dedication to catering to various dietary needs – nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan options are all available. Parents can relax knowing their child and their guests can enjoy these sweet treats without worries. Sweet On Cupcakes understands the importance of inclusion, making sure every baby birthday celebration is a joyful and delicious experience for all. Choose Sweet On Cupcakes for your next celebration and indulge in cupcakes that are as wholesome as they are delightful.

Address: 21 Green St, Mount Hawthorn, WA 6016

Phone: 08 9444 0607

Facebook: Sweet On Cupcakes

Instagram: Sweet On Cupcakes

Get Chunky

Bringing a taste of New York to Perth, Get Chunky offers the perfect indulgence for baby birthday desserts. Their big, fat, chunky cookies are handcrafted from scratch using locally sourced, premium ingredients. Made fresh daily on-site, these cookies are baked with love and served hot from the oven, ensuring maximum deliciousness. Since 2017, Get Chunky has been baking up a storm, refusing to compromise on quality or taste. Each bite is a testament to their dedication to excellence and passion for great desserts. Treat your little one and guests to the ultimate cookie experience with Get Chunky – where every cookie is made with love.

Address: 7/81-83 Walcott St, Mount Lawley WA 6050

Facebook: Get Chunky

Instagram: Get Chunky

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