5 Best Baby Birthday Cake Suppliers in Adelaide

5 Best Baby Birthday Cake Suppliers in Adelaide

Planning your little one’s birthday party is an exciting journey filled with joy and anticipation. Among the many elements that make a birthday celebration memorable, the cake undoubtedly takes centre stage. If you’re in Adelaide, and on the hunt for the perfect baby birthday cake, you’re in for a treat! Adelaide boasts a vibrant scene of talented cake suppliers who specialise in crafting delightful and creative cakes tailored to celebrate your baby’s special day. From adorable designs to scrumptious flavours, the options are endless. Whether you’re dreaming of a whimsical theme or a classic design, Adelaide has something to cater to every taste and preference. Join us as we explore some of the top baby birthday cake suppliers in Adelaide, ensuring your little one’s big day is nothing short of magical.

Sugar & Spice Cakes

Discover Sugar & Spice Cakes, a celebrated Baby Birthday Cake Supplier in Adelaide. With two decades of excellence, their award-winning team crafts bespoke cakes with fresh, premium ingredients. Explore their extensive showroom, adorned with enchanting display cakes and a treasure trove of past designs. Delight in their complimentary cake taste testing, ensuring your celebration is adorned with the perfect flavour. From intimate gatherings to star-studded affairs, Sugar & Spice has catered to esteemed clientele, including Oprah and Beyoncé. Enjoy seamless Adelaide cake delivery with their two refrigerated vans. Trust Sugar & Spice Cakes to sweeten your little one’s special day with unparalleled craftsmanship and taste.

Address: 190 Goodwood Road, Millswood Adelaide, SA 5034

Phone: 08 8172 1078

Facebook: Sugar & Spice Cakes

Instagram: Sugar & Spice Cakes

SuperEgo Cakes

Located in Adelaide, SuperEgo Cakes is a family-owned bakery with a passion for crafting delectable cakes. With a repertoire of original recipes passed down through generations, they ensure each creation is made from scratch using premium ingredients. Specialising in custom designs, they offer a range of vegan and dietary-friendly options without compromising on taste or quality. Handcrafted fondant decorations add a personal touch to every cake. Their commitment to both aesthetics and flavour ensures each slice is a delight. Trust SuperEgo Cakes to make your baby’s birthday celebration truly special.

Address: Beulah Park, SA

Facebook: SuperEgo Cakes

Instagram: SuperEgo Cakes


Unleash the natural elegance of Azidelicious, Adelaide’s go-to cake haven for exquisite baby birthday cakes. With a commitment to using premium ingredients, Azidelicious crafts cakes that delight the senses and create lasting memories. Their range includes popular choices like chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, and black forest layer cakes, ensuring there’s something to suit every taste. Standing out with a dedication to being rigorously natural, Azidelicious guarantees pure, wholesome, and exceptional cakes. Enjoy swift and satisfying service, with efficient delivery within a 40km radius of Adelaide. Trust Azidelicious to make your baby’s birthday celebration truly special with their indulgent and top-quality cakes.

Address: 22 Greenbank Rd Athlestone, Adelaide, SA 5076

Phone: 01300314276

Facebook: Azidelicious

Instagram: Azidelicious

Dulwich Bakery

Dulwich Bakery, a beloved South Australian family-owned gem, delights taste buds with its array of freshly baked goodies. From birthday cakes to quiches, their handcrafted delights cater to every celebration. Free from preservatives, their treats burst with quality ingredients, ensuring every bite is a wholesome delight. With 11 bakeries scattered across Adelaide, they bring convenience to your doorstep. Whether it’s a milestone like a first birthday or a joyous celebration, Dulwich Bakery has the perfect cake to mark the occasion. Indulge in classics like Chocolate Mousse Cake or explore their range of traditional desserts. With their commitment to freshness and flavour, Dulwich Bakery stands as a top choice for baby birthday cakes in Adelaide.

Address: 66 Dulwich Avenue Adelaide, SA 5065

Phone: 08 8332 3299

Facebook: Dulwich Bakery

Instagram: Dulwich Bakery

Perryman's Bakery

With over 90 years of tradition and expertise, Perryman’s Bakery stands as a pillar in Adelaide’s cake scene. Nestled in a historic building dating back to the 1800s, their cakes are crafted with care and premium ingredients sourced locally. Embracing their German heritage, Perryman’s offers a delightful range of celebration cakes, from classic sponges to indulgent chocolate mud. Their cakes, personalised with heartfelt messages, are perfect for birthdays, engagements, and more. Whether it’s a joyous occasion or a milestone, Perryman’s Bakery ensures every celebration is sweeter with their delectable creations.

Address: 54 Tynte St North Adelaide, SA 5006

Phone: 08 8267 2766

Facebook: Perryman's Bakery

Instagram: Perryman's Bakery

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As you embark on the journey of selecting the perfect cake for your baby’s birthday bash, rest assured that Adelaide’s cake suppliers are here to bring your vision to life. With their expertise, creativity, and commitment to excellence, you can trust that your little one’s birthday cake will be a showstopper. From the first bite to the last crumb, each cake is crafted with love and attention to detail, ensuring a truly memorable celebration for your precious bundle of joy. So, whether you opt for a whimsical design or a classic creation, know that you’re in good hands. Here’s to many more sweet moments and cherished memories with your little one!

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