Top 10 Newborn Photographers in Sydney

The beginning of your child’s life is something to treasure, so make sure you pick the right photographer to capture your newborn’s first moments.

Whether you prefer a glamorous setup, the playful dress-up, or the nuanced and minimalist shoot, we have something you suit what you desire in our top 10, highly sought after newborn photographers in Sydney.

As you hold your little bundle of joy, you can only imagine where life will take them.

But, for when life moves on, don’t forget to preserve the first moments before it all begun. Professional photography is the perfect way to welcome your child into the world, and these Sydney based photographers ensure that it is done with style and panache.

Located in the Sydney district, these esteemed and experienced newborn photographers are ready to work out the best set and deal to suit you.

Expectant mothers are encouraged to book photo sessions in their first or second trimester, in order to minimize stress and reserve a spot.

Photographers specialising in newborns are often booked 3-6 months in advance, so don’t make the mistake of coming in late.

Also, keep in mind that the ideal time to photograph newborns is within the first two weeks of the birth.

Professionals roughly pencil it around the 4-14 day mark; while the newborns are flexible and perfectly curled.

Photographers will recommend feeding your child before the session to get them sleepy and serene for the shoot.

Feeding requirements and nappies should be brought as a safety measure.

Here is the list of the top 10 Sydney based newborn photographers, and some of the services they offer.

Linda Gremos is one of Sydney’s most sought after newborn and maternity photographers. Linda is a Multi Award Winning photographer and received 3rd place Internationally in the Newborn Category as well as a Finalist in the Maternity Category in 2019.

With almost 7 years’ experience handling and photographing newborns, together with Linda’s impeccable styling, it’s no wonder many of Sydney’s celebrities and influencers choose Linda G to capture their baby bumps and newborns.

Linda creates a genuine connection and rapport with her clients. Her passion, professionalism and love for her work has earnt her an exceptionally high referral rate in the industry.

It’s probably best to keep in mind that due to the extremely high demand of Linda’s Newborn and Maternity work, she is usually booked up to at least 3 months in advance so get in quick with your enquiry if you’d like to secure a session with her. Click on her website just below and make an enquiry through there for a faster response.

Location: Roselands, Sydney, NSW

Style: Romantic, Vintage, Timeless

Interview: 10 Questions with Linda Gremos

Price: Newborn Booking Fee is $200 and Newborn Image Packages start at $995

Photographer : Linda Gremos

Newborns are not this tiny for long, within a month these perfect little humans grow so quickly you wont believe your eyes. Capture these moments and memories with a fully qualified, insured and registered Newborn Photographer who has a First Aid Certificate, WWCC, Covid-19 infection control training. A newborn photographer who takes care of your little one as if they were her own. Contact Samantha today!

Location: West Hoxton, NSW

Style: Classic, Personalised

Photography Services: Maternity, Newborn, Sitter, Cake Smash, Family

Interview: 10 Questions with Samantha Bryce

Price: Newborn session fee is $200. Enquire for newborn package pricing.

Contact : Samantha Bryce

Marie Ramos Photography & Baby Imprints is an Award winning studio in Sydney. With over 13 years of professional experience, Marie and her team are well known for creating beautiful newborn images and skilfully combining them with hand crafted ceramic keepsakes of baby hands and feet known as “Baby Imprints”. She was selected as the official photographer for the refreshed Huggies nappies campaign for 2020 and her celebrity clientele include Kayla Itsines, Kate Richie, Manu Fieldel, and Jackie O who’s children have all been photographed and imprinted by Marie.

As a proud mum of two Marie understands how fleeting the first years of life are which is why she is so passionate about creating fresh and modern pieces of art that your family will love and appreciate forever.

Location: Lane Cove, Sydney, NSW

Style: Natural, candid, lifestyle

Interview: 10 Questions with Marie Ramos

Price: Average session price is $300. Enquire for newborn package pricing.

Contact : Marie Ramos

Elle is the owner of First Moments Photography, located in the Parramatta region of Greater Sydney. An accomplished newborn photographer for over 9 years, she wants nothing more than to provide new mums and dads with all of those precious first moments captured in a beautiful photograph. From a baby’s first days as a newborn to their first steps and beyond, Elle would be honoured to be a part of it all.

Being a mother of two herself, she knows exactly how quickly children change and grow. To give clients the peace of mind before a photo session, she has a valid working with children check and a warm, comfortable studio space where everyone can get comfortable before a session begins.

Location: Granville, NSW

Style: Classic, Natural, Timeless

Price: Enquire for newborn pricing and packages.

Contact : Elle

Embrace your bundle of joy during a photo session with Bijou Bubs Photography. You can trust Haichen (Hailey), the creative eye behind Bijou Bubs Photography. This award-winning newborn photographer in Sydney is ready to use her unwavering talent and state-of-the-art equipment to create lasting memories of love and legacy. The newborn package comes with four looks for the baby, and you can include siblings, parents, and other family members. Did you have a maternity session with Bijou Bubs Photography? Your session fee is free for your newborn photo shoot. Simply purchase stunning imagery that can grace the walls of your home forever.

Address: Alexandria NSW 2015

Phone: 0433 385 809

Social: Bijou Bubs Photography

Session fee


Contact : Haichen (Hailey)

Step into the world of AnnaClaire Studio, your go-to destination for heartfelt and professional newborn photography in Sydney. With a passion for capturing life’s most precious moments, AnnaClaire Studio offers a range of services, from maternity to newborn shoots, toddler plays, kiddie parties, weddings, and family portraits. The founder, a dedicated member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, brings over 600 wedding photoshoots worth of expertise. Named after his beloved daughters Anna and Claire, the studio not only captures images but weaves stories, emotions, and memories into every frame. From the joy of newborn giggles to the carefree days of childhood, AnnaClaire Studio ensures your family’s journey is preserved beautifully.

Phone: 0424 306 316

Social: AnnaClaire Studio

Secure your package


Contact : Weiguo Yin

Svetlana is the passionate owner of Art of Heart Photography, with over 7 years of experience as a highly skilled newborn photographer, serving the Greater Sydney region and Country areas between Sydney and Wollongong.

As a mother herself, Svetlana understands the overwhelming nature of the first few weeks with a new baby in your life, that’s why she, brings her expertise right to your home.

In the comfort of your own space, without any time constraints or pressure, she creates your baby’s first Fairytale and captures those precious moments for new Mums and Dads.

Her clients have often praised her as a baby whisperer, noting her special magic touch that lulls babies into a peaceful slumber in her loving hands.

During her In-Home sessions, she prioritizes the baby’s comfort and needs, allowing them to guide the pace of the session.

Svetlana’s focus is on creating a relaxed and natural experience.

Location: Sydney, NSW

Style: Simple, Classic & Elegant

Price: Packages start $420. Enquire for more details.

Interview: 10 Questions with Art of Heart Photography

Contact : Svetlana Watson

Capture the fleeting moments of your newborn’s perfection with Howe Studios’ newborn photography. From tiny fingers to squishy cheeks, Natalie Howe crafts a beautiful memento of your baby’s early days. Nestled in natural fabrics, your newborn’s peaceful poses are immortalised in a unique and timeless collection. Embrace this extraordinary time in your baby’s life, ensuring these precious memories are preserved as they grow. With years of experience and numerous accolades, Natalie Howe’s newborn photography has been featured in prominent media outlets, making each session a cherished experience.

Phone: 0407 014 118

Social: Howe Studios

The Mini


Just a Few


Contact : Natalie Howe

Nestled in Freshwater on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, this professional photography studio offers an intimate and personalised experience, capturing the tender moments of newborns with artistry and affection. Owned by Rachel Wildig, a full-time, dedicated photographer, the studio provides a tranquil setting where families can relax while Rachel skillfully preserves the fleeting, precious early days of their little ones. Specialising in natural, candid shots, Rachel ensures each session is uniquely tailored, focusing on intricate details like tiny hands and feet, to create timeless portraits that families will treasure forever. With an emphasis on comfort and a connection-driven approach, Rachel Wildig Photography stands out as a prime choice for those seeking to immortalise their newborn’s first days.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0400 872 791

Social: Rachel Wildig Photography

Newborn Session Fee


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Pick 30 - add on to Session Fee - most popular


Full digital package - add on to Session Fee


Contact : Rachel Wildig

Milena is an international award winning photographer and has also been featured in multiple publications. Based in Sydney’s South West, Milena is passionate about capturing your life’s milestones and turning them into keepsakes that you will treasure for a lifetime.

With 8 years professional experience, Milena has designed the perfect studio in order to capture every precious detail of your bump and newborn. Milena works closely with her clients to create their dream session from start to finish.

Due to high demand Milena does tend to book out a couple of months in advance. For all enquiries please visit the website on the link below.

Location: Gregory Hills, NSW

Style: Classic, Timeless and Effortless

Interview: 10 Questions with Milena Ratajczak

Price: Newborn Session fee is $200. Enquire for full pricing and packages

Contact : Milena

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You should book a newborn session within the first two weeks after birth. A good rule to follow is to contact your photographer and schedule your shoot near the due date. It is a particular time when your newborn is still, well, new! From soft skin and arm wrinkles to peach fuzz and tiny fingers, your newborn will have these features for only the first few weeks of life. After that, you have a baby on your hands. Before you know your baby will be a toddler, followed by a child. It’s essential to capture these one-of-a-kind moments of your pride and joy before they pass!

There are several newborn photographers in Sydney that can provide you with beautiful images that celebrate you and your new arrival. Check out some of the top Sydney newborn photographers today. When you contact them, ask about their photography style, package rates, and availability.


Best Newborn Photographers in NSW

Byron Bay


Port Macquarie




Best Newborn Photographers in Australia




Gold Coast





Sunshine Coast

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The average cost for a newborn session (which includes basic digital and print collections) in Sydney in 2022 was $752 which is slightly higher than the national average of $721. This cost is calculated using the results from our annual new mums survey of over 2600 Sydney based new mums who booked their newborn photographer in 2022.

Professional newborn photographers ensure to take all necessary precaution before and during a newborn photo shoot. The best newborn photographers are up to date with their immunizations and will maintain a high level of cleanliness in their studios. And most importantly, professional newborn photographers are trained to safely handle and pose babies for photoshoots.

One of Sydney’s most popular newborn photographers Samantha Bryce says “I have been trained to safely pose newborns and would never force a baby into a position that is unsafe or that they weren’t comfortable with. Babies are never left unattended during a session.” Read more here.

BabyInfo’s #1 ranked photographer last year, Lynda Gremos says “I am up to date with all necessary immunizations as is my entire family as an extra precaution.” Read more here.

According to the Government of New South Wales, an average of 97,115 babies are born in New South Wales each year. The average number of babies born per year in Australia is 316,124. This means that 31% of all babies born in Australia, are born in New South Wales.

Sydney has an average of 60,969 babies born each year which is roughly 62% of the total number of babies born in NSW.

From BabyInfo’s yearly stats and industry survey results, 32% of new mums in New South Wales and 44% of new mums in Sydney, booked a professional newborn photographer to capture the precious moments of their newborn in 2022.

This make Sydney and New South Wales the biggest market for newborn photography in Australia.

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