The touch of motherhood is a wondrous thing! It adds a healthy plumpness to the body and colour to the cheeks. No doubt, it makes a woman glow inside out! All these changes pass so quickly, you can hardly even remember them after a few months. So document your unique and unforgettable pregnancy, with someone who will be able to match your needs. When you pick from our list, you can be sure of a quality, custom service.

In the preparation for your child – their room, their clothes, the toys, and the baby shower– it’s hard to concentrate on the beauty of the moment. Sadly, the time passes by in a blink of an eye, and all of a sudden the gargantuan stomach has shrunk back down and your baby is already crawling. When you least suspect it, the nostalgia will hit you. Luckily, there are a number of qualified, professional photographers that can help capture that special and beautiful ephemeral body.

Before you start skimming through the list, here is some important information for your maternity photo shoot.

Make sure that you contact your preferred photographer at the start of your pregnancy. Waiting too long might allow them to slip out of your fingers, since specialist photographers are busy and often booked out for 3 to 6 months. You will be advised to come in for your shoot somewhere between 27 to 36 weeks into your pregnancy. If you are having twins, you will most likely be told to come in between 27 to 30 weeks. This is because, during this time, your body is in its best shape; your stomach is protruding beautifully without compromising your condition.

Most maternity photographers will give you a choice between an on-location, an in-studio, and possibly an at-home maternity session. The location can be focal to the product, so it is best to take a look at the examples each photographer puts forth. However, generally, the at-home portraiture will be candid lifestyle, the on-location shots will be divided between glamour and lifestyle, and in-studio sessions will produce structured and intimate pieces.

However, because every photographer is individual and particular in their style, we have composed a list of the top 20 maternity photographers located in and around Adelaide.

Happy pickings!


Let the experienced Impressions team create your pregnancy dream shoot, with their expertly styled sessions.  Whether you are visualising an intimate in-studio session or a natural outdoor shoot, Impressions is the studio for you.

Of course the maternity shoot can be all about you and your baby bump, but Impressions do encourage you to bring your partner along with you and also any other family members. 

If you are still a little unsure if you want to have a maternity shoot, we urge you to look through the extensive variety of images in the Impressions galleries. Your pregnancy shoot will be one you will look back on and cherish forever.

Location: Medindie, SA

Style:Creative, candid & natural

Photography Services: Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Family, Wedding, Corporate

Maternity Session Price: Free session and packages $475+ & check their website for bundle deals

Contact : Impressions Photography Studio

Agata’s Photography is owned by AIPP accredited, award winning photographer, Agata Ferrante. Agata holds maternity shoots in her home studio in Parkside, only 5 minutes from the city, and on-location, during sunset and sunrise. You are given access to a variety of dresses and gowns, for a well-rounded, bohemian and organic product.

Location: Parkside, SA

Style: Organic & bohemian

Photography Services: Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Family

Maternity Session Price: $200 + see site for products

Contact : Agata Ferrante

Bec Thomas is a multi award winning photographer with more than 8 years experience. She is an associate member of the AIPP, and is currently working towards a Masters in photography. Her experience allows her to create amazing, poignant pieces of works. Her shots are angled beautifully, and timed ideally, to reveal a myriad of colours and a play of light. The maternity shoots are taken outdoors, close to sunset or sunrise.

Location: West Beach, SA

Style: Poignant & glamorous

Photography Services: Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Children, Family

Maternity Session Price: $200 + see site for products

Contact : Bec Thomas

Jackie Wood is a professional maternity, newborn and family photographer with 20 years experience and an Advanced Diploma in Commercial Photography. She shows unlimited passion for the job, and provides Adelaide families with heartfelt captures. Her maternity sessions can take place at home, or at an outdoor location, right before sunset. Jackie keeps things organic; allowing you to dress in own wardrobe, and contribute your own natural poses.

Location: Colonel Light Gardens, SA

Style: Emotive & organic

Photography Services: Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Family, Engagement, Wedding

Maternity Session Price: $150 + see site for extra products

Contact : Jackie Wood

Real Moments Photography is operated by AIPP certified photographer, Sona Sood. Sona brings years of experience and enthusiasm to the table, offering a variety of products for your in-studio or outdoor maternity portraits. Her minimal and simple style accentuates the feminine attire and beautiful curves.

Location: Colonel Light Gardens, SA

Style: Minimal & simple

Photography Services: Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Family, Commercial

Maternity Session Price: $110 – $200 + see site for products

Contact : Sona Sood

Amy Campbell is a natural light photographer with over 10 years industry experience. Her maternity sessions are held primarily on-location, with the occasional in-studio shoots. Fire and foremost, her images are candid and authentic. Regardless of what you wear, the makeup, or hair, the images radiate frankness.

Location: Hewett, SA

Style: Authentic & candid

Photography Services: Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Family, Lifestyle, Engagement, Wedding, Boudoir

Maternity Session Price: $345

Contact : Amy Campbell

Cocoon is owned by Heartfelt volunteer, Anita, and supported by photographers, Sandy and Tracy. This highly specialised team provides beautiful in-studio and on-location maternity portraiture. The studio shots are minimal and intimate, while the outdoor photography is filled with authenticity. Cocoon provides the whole package!

Location: Adelaide, SA

Style: Intimate – lifestyle

Photography Services: Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Family, Commercial, Events

Maternity Session Price: $350 + see site for extra products

Contact : Anita

Owned by Tenille Nolan, Willow Creek Studio has earned a total of 9 awards, with 6 Epson AIPP awards and 3 APPA awards. Willow Creek offers indoor studio maternity sessions and on-location outdoor maternity sessions, with a large range of ‘bumps to babies’ art options. The maternity portraiture is glamorous, emotive and poignant.

Location: Belair, SA

Style: Glamorous & emotive

Photography Services: Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Children, Family, Wedding

Maternity Session Price: $200 + see site for products

Contact : Tenille Nolan

Jennifer White is an accredited AIPP photographer, specialising in maternity, newborns and babies. Having studied at the Centre of Creative Photography (CCP), Jennifer is endowed with a wealth of knowledge about the art. The shoot usually takes place at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens or one of Adelaide’s beaches. However, studio shoots are available. Jennifer’s images are simple, scenic, and feature her lovely custom gowns.

Location: Happy Valley, SA

Style: Simple

Photography Services: Maternity, Newborn, Baby

Maternity Session Price: $695

Contact : Jennifer White

Michelle is an accredited member of the AIPP and a superstar photographer. Along with studio assistant and photographer, Jacque Rimington, Michell Petkovic Photography provides exemplary in-studio and on-location photography. If you have issues choosing between that two, don’t worry, there is a ‘Here and There’ session which consists of studio and outdoor shots. Their photography is frank, emotive and nuanced.

Location: Paralowie, SA

Style: Nuanced & frank

Photography Services: Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Children, Family, Commercial

Maternity Session Price: $150 + see site for products

Contact : Michelle Petkovic

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