Staff Announcement: Lily Oad

Date: 29th Sep 2020

The pandemic is not only taking lives, but also taking livelihoods. Along with the fear of our hospitals being run out of capacity, this pandemic has crushed Australian businesses, especially the small and medium sized enterprises which are the backbone of our country’s economy.

We’re proud to say that our team member Lily Oad, with a passion to help financially suffering Australian businesses, stood up to the occasion and decided to play his part to support Australian businesses.
About 14,000 Australian photographers were struggling to get enough photography assignments and having to pay for advertising meant that their profit margin had diminished to a great extent during the pandemic. This is where Lily Oad decided to launch, a free platform for Australian photographers who are unable to pay for advertising.
His site has successfully listed over 1200 Australian photographers and has helped bring business to over 500 photographers across Australia, from cities as big as Sydney and Melbourne to regional locations such as Geelong and Port Macquarie.
It is encouraging to see BabyInfo’s vision for its staff to ‘Collaborate, Challenge, Create & Respect’ being executed operationally. So congratulations Lily and everyone involved in taking this from concept to reality.
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