Best Fertility Naturopaths in Canberra

Best Fertility Naturopaths in Canberra

For many couples and singles around Australia, having a baby is one of the biggest dreams. Unfortunately, getting the point of conception isn’t always as easy as it seems at first. There can be many obstacles that impede fertility, including health problems and lifestyle concerns.

If you are part of the 1 in 6 Australian couples having trouble falling pregnant, there could be many reasons preventing it. The good news on this front is that it doesn’t always have to be a medical or surgical intervention to help achieve pregnancy. There are many other natural solutions to help conception come about.

Although some people may have to use IVF and other reproductive technologies, it is worth trying natural approaches if you can. Naturopaths offer many holistic techniques to assist with infertility and help ease the emotional and stressful burden of this journey.

Here are top 5 naturopaths in Canberra who offer specialised treatment for infertility.

    From experiencing her own health troubles, Shanna Coudhary found the benefits of naturopathy. Now, she has a keen interest in women’s health and fertility issues. She also looks at hormonal balance and general stress and anxiety and how it impacts on conception. Through diet, lifestyle, and nutrition advice as well as evidence based research, Shanna provides professional assistance to help client’s acheive their dreams of conception naturally.

    Location: Manuka
    Years experience: Not mentioned
    Main area: Fertility management and hormonal imbalance
    Qualification: Qualified Naturopath and EFT Practitioner

      With knowledge in herbal medicine and human anatomy, Ann Marie Bortoli combines her experiences of eastern and western philosophies to create unique health programs. She has a strong interest in natural women’s health and fertility management. Ann Marie contributed to the book Women, Hormones and the Mentrual Cycle. She uses natural and holistic techniques to help women handle their ferility problems and eventually become pregnant.

      Location: Hackett
      Years experience: Not mentioned
      Main area: Women’s fertility management
      Qualification: Bachelor of Naturopathy

        With experiences in both conventional and natural medicine, Marie Ange Arundel combines a range of techniques to support the body in many ways. Along with a range of other services, she is skilled at treating fertility with natural methods, helping couples to conceive. She also offers a range of IVF support techniques to improve the chances of conceiving with each cycle.

        Location: Dickson
        Years experience: Over 20 years
        Main area: Fertility, IVF support
        Qualification: Naturopath and registered nurse

          Michelle Kirby works closely with local IVF clinics at her Canberra Wellness Centre. This partnership means that she can boost the chances of conception occurring in IVF cycles when possible. Her work in fertility involves diet and lifestyle advice, creating the optimal diet for fertility. She also helps clients to manage their fertility naturally and creating a healthier environment for the womb. The clinic has a 65% success rate of helping couples who can conceive naturally.

          Location: Manuka
          Years experience: Not mentioned
          Main area: Fertility management and IVF support
          Qualification: Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

            Nicoletta Cella uses acupuncture and naturopathy techniques and looking at the patient’s perosnal history in a holistic sense to help fertility. She has a range of experience in dealing with gynaecological problems. Nicoletta offers assistance for both male and female infertility. Her experiences extend to pregnancy care and helping ease the stress of morning sickness once conception has taken place.

            Location: Weston
            Years experience: Over 30 years
            Main area: Male and female infertility, gynaecological problems
            Qualification: Not mentioned

            Best Fertility Naturopaths in Australia