fertility acupuncture

fertility acupuncture

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Fertility Acupuncture Q&A

When trying to get pregnant, things don’t always happen immediately for some couples. Whether trying to conceive naturally or undergoing IVF treatment, it is good to know that there are some things to do to speed up the process.

To keep things all natural, many couples turn to acupuncture. This ancient Chinese practice uses thin, fine needles inserted into pressure points. The idea is to stimulate blood flow and tap into nerve endings, restoring holistic balance and flow to the body.

Acupuncture is becoming increasingly trendy as a fertility solution and there is plenty of research out there to show it credentials. If you’re thinking of using acupuncture to boost your natural fertility, here are some answers to questions you may be wondering.

Why is acupuncture popular to help fertility?

What elements of fertility does acupuncture help?

What fertility problems can acupuncture alleviate?

Who needs fertility acupuncture?

How does acupuncture and IVF work?

Can both men and women use acupuncture for fertility?

What are the theories behind its success?

When is it best to use acupuncture?

How long does it take to pregnant when using acupuncture?

How often do you need acupuncture treatments?

How do you know if the treatment is working?

What other fertility treatments can be used alongside acupuncture?

How long are acupuncture sessions?

What should you wear to acupuncture appointments?

Do you need acupuncture after conceiving?

What qualifications do Australia fertility acupuncturists need?